We support Ovarian Cancer Australia

TerryWhite Chemmart is a proud charity partner of Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA) - a national not-for-profit organisation founded in 2001 by people directly affected by ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is Australia’s deadliest female cancer, with a five-year survival rate of just 48%. In comparison, the five-year survival rate for women with breast cancer is 92%.*

Ovarian Cancer Australia

Ovarian Cancer Australia provides support for women and their families, raises community awareness of ovarian cancer and advocates for improved services for women. Ovarian Cancer Australia aims to save lives and ensure that no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone.

The partnership between TerryWhite Chemmart and Ovarian Cancer Australia began in 2006. It's a long-standing partnership with significant pharmacy, staff and customer engagement and passion for the cause.
“For sixteen years TerryWhite Chemmart has played an important role in the community for Ovarian Cancer Australia by sharing information and raising funds so we can ensure no person with ovarian cancer walks alone.

The amazing community and teams at TerryWhite Chemmart have raised almost $1.8m since our partnership began and we are thrilled that we can reach and inform even more Australians with their new dedicated landing page on ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is still the deadliest female cancer with a survival rate of just 48% beyond five years. We thank TerryWhite Chemmart for joining forces with Ovarian Cancer Australia to work towards change and better outcomes for people affected by this awful disease.”

-Jane Hill, CEO Ovarian Cancer Australia

To find out more visit: https://www.ovariancancer.net.au/