We support Ovarian Cancer Australia

For nearly 20 years, TerryWhite Chemmart has driven fundraising and awareness activities to support Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA) - and together with support from our network partners, the communities we serve, and supplier partners, it is safe to say we have all made a difference to the lives of those living with this horrible disease.  

In 2023, we introduced a new way to raise funds and drive awareness - a 50-cent donation campaign with the support of our supplier partners - generating over $200k in donations for our collective fundraising efforts. Our collective efforts provided a donation of over $332,000 to OCA. 

In 2024, we continue our support of Ovarian Cancer Australia as proud Principal Partners of the organisation and are aiming to raise over $400,000 to deepen and expand our impact. 


About Ovarian Cancer Australia 

Ovarian Cancer Australia is an independent national not-for-profit organisation, supporting women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Our focus is to provide care and support for those affected by ovarian cancer; and represent them by leading change. Our vision is to save lives and ensure no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone. We were founded in 2001 by a group of people who had been affected by ovarian cancer, either themselves or through a loved one. Ovarian Cancer Australia is a member of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition, which works to raise awareness of ovarian cancer on a global scale.  

“I have been inspired by what TerryWhite Chemmart have achieved for Ovarian Cancer Australia in almost two decades of partnership. 

Their steadfast commitment to improving the lives of those suffering ovarian cancer has been pivotal to the success of our support programs. These wrap-around support initiatives, including the provision of dedicated ovarian cancer support nurses, and comprehensive mental health services where they are needed, has made a substantial impact on the lives of those navigating the challenging terrain of this disease, as well as their families. 

I eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration with the TerryWhite Chemmart team, witnessing the impactful initiatives that will unfold during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in February and throughout the year.” 


To find out more visit: https://www.ovariancancer.net.au/